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Zengo Pro: Your Complete Guide to the best crypto wallet protection
Zengo Pro: Your Complete Guide to the best crypto wallet protection

Enhancing Your Digital Asset Security and Management: A Comprehensive Walkthrough of Zengo Pro Features

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Welcome to your comprehensive guide to Zengo Pro.

This article provides an in-depth overview of Zengo Pro's advanced security features and benefits. From Withdrawal Protection to our innovative Web3 Firewall and 24/7 Priority Support, Legacy transfer, Discounted Fees, and more, learn to take full advantage of the industry’s most advanced self-custody and security features.

Theft Protection (MFA)

Our Unauthorized Theft Protection feature incorporates multi-factor authentication (MFA) to secure all crypto outgoing transactions, drastically reducing the possibility of unauthorized access, even if your phone was stolen or maliciously accessed and the pin code or passcode of your phone is known.

For more protection, Zengo Pro customers can set a custom withdrawal limit (by default, this limit is set to $1000), and any withdrawal exceeding this limit will require you to double-approve transactions using 3D FaceLock biometric verification.

A few precisions:

  1. You can also have the option to apply the protection to any amount.

  2. MFA with 3D FaceLock guarantees that only you can authorize your crypto transactions.

  3. Any transaction can be protected, including, if you wish to, Web3 transactions (NFT, Defi)

  4. You can turn off that protection at any time.

Crypto Legacy Transfer

Zengo's Legacy Transfer allows you to set up a transmission plan of your crypto assets to a designated person should something happen to you. If you cannot access your Zengo wallet, this service lets you set up a plan and securely transfer your assets to a designated legacy recipient.

Learn more here

Private Transaction Mode

Private transaction mode allows you to keep your Wallet balance confidential.

Using a single Bitcoin or Dogecoin wallet address for multiple transactions can make it easier for third parties to track your transaction history and balances. Zengo's Privacy Mode addresses this concern by automatically generating a new Bitcoin/Dogecoin address for you every time you complete a transaction.

It's like having a new account for every transaction without the hassle of manually generating addresses. All your former addresses are still valid and follow you to your main account. All the balances and history are consolidated into your main account, so this is seamless for you.

Discounted Purchase Fees

With Zengo Pro, you're not just getting the best security for your crypto but also unlocking other exclusive features and services, such as the opportunity to save money - up to 50% - on every crypto purchase of cryptocurrencies you make with Zengo. Simply start your purchase, and the discount on the Zengo purchase fee is directly included in the checkout page before you confirm the purchase

Web3 Firewall Protection

The rising trend of Web3 attacks requires robust protective measures.

Zengo Pro's built-in Web3 Firewall offers real-time risk assessments and alerts to shield you from potential Web3 threats.

Zengo Pro customers also benefit from Transaction Insights, which includes the ability to review transactions before granting final approval. You can read more about Zengo's ClearSign Web3 Firewall here.

Priority 24/7 Support

Zengo Pro offers Priority 24/7 Support, guaranteeing a response time of less than 1 hour for all Zengo Pro customers and ensuring that expert assistance is available whenever needed.

Zengo assistance is provided in your own language. Even if you do not speak English, you will be provided live assistance in your native language.

Zengo Essentials (free) vs. Zengo Pro

Although Zengo Pro offers enhanced features and capabilities, Zengo Essentials will continue to be available for all customers for free with best-in-class security.

While Zengo Pro is an optional paid subscription service, Zengo remains the most secure crypto wallet, with no seed phrase vulnerability, powered by MPC. You can easily and for free create and recover your Zengo account and access our core services (buy, sell, swap, connect, earn).

If you have not yet upgraded to the Zengo Pro paid subscription, you can still enjoy the security and convenience of Zengo Essentials for free.

Zengo Pro Badge

We have introduced a "Pro" Badge that will appear on the homepage of every Zengo Pro customer.

By tapping on this badge, users are instantly taken to their account screen, where they can review their subscription details and explore all the premium benefits and services they can access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zengo Pro?

Zengo Pro is an optional premium subscription service that offers advanced security features and self-custody tools, including the industry's Asset Withdrawal Protection, Advanced Web3 Firewall, and Priority 24/7 support.

In the coming weeks, we will introduce Legacy transfer, a simple and secure way to transfer your crypto assets to your loved ones should something happen.

What features does Zengo Pro offer?

Zengo Pro expands upon the robust security infrastructure of every Zengo wallet with the following:

- Asset Withdrawal Protection: Secure your assets with 3D FaceLock biometric verification and a custom withdrawal limit.

- Advanced Web3 Firewall: Stay protected with real-time risk assessments and alerts against Web3 attacks.

- Priority 24/7 Support: Benefit from prompt expert assistance at any time of the day.

- Legacy Transfer: Assign a beneficiary to access your digital assets in case of death or prolonged absence.

How can I upgrade to Zengo Pro?

Upgrading to Zengo Pro is straightforward. Follow the prompts in the ‘Upgrade’ section within the app to get started. The subscription is sold via in-app purchase through the app store or your mobile phone.

How much does Zengo Pro cost?

You can find the detailed pricing information for Zengo Pro on our website at We offer different subscription plans to cater to diverse needs and budgets.

Will the standard version of the app still be available for free?

Absolutely. Zengo Essentials will remain available for free to all customers as a secure crypto wallet option powered by MPC.

Is Zengo pro subscription available with "family sharing"

Zengo Pro is a personal security service that is not available with the "family sharing" when you purchase it via the app store services

Once Zengo Pro is purchased, can I use it on different devices simultaneously?

Yes. If you use the same device account (Apple ID, Google ID), you can have the same Zengo pro account activated on both devices at no additional cost, and security settings will be synchronized on both devices.

If you have purchased a Zengo pro account on iOS, you can also enjoy it on Android as long as this is the same Zengo account

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your Zengo Pro subscription, related services will end at the close of your subscription period. Your assets will remain safe in your Zengo wallet, but you will lose the additional security protection offered by Zengo Pro and access to priority support.

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

How do I contact Zengo Pro support?

Our support team is available 24/7. Simply click on the chat icon within the app or email us at

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