Introducing ClearSign

Every time you transact with a Web3 app you are asked to approve or reject various requests. In the past, this has been a confusing and stressful process. ClearSign is a new industry standard developed by ZenGo to ensure you know exactly what you're being asked to sign before doing so. This includes:

  • Alerting if the decentralized app is presenting the user with an uncommon request which could signal an increased risk

  • Confirming if the interaction with the decentralized app has been verified to be safe

Of course, all of this complements ZenGo’s best-in-class wallet security.

ClearSign examples

Signing a message

On the left image you see an example for a verified sign message where the action description is colored in green, confirming that this message is verified and belongs to the Dapp, thus it is safe to use. In the cases where we cannot verify the message, you will see the sign message screen UI as shown in the right image.

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