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What is Zengo, and why is it secure?
What is Zengo, and why is it secure?
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Zengo is the most secure crypto wallet with no private key vulnerability. There’s no magic involved -- it’s simply the industry-leading cryptography we use. (You can read more about our security model here).

  1. ZenGo is unlike a centralized exchange. in Zengo, only you can access, recover, or spend your funds. More here

  2. ZenGo protects your account with industry-leading MPC security and without seed phrases or passwords that can be lost or stolen. Zengo has operated and protected crypto funds since 2018. Read more here

  3. You can always recover your ZenGo account if you lose your phone and even without ZenGo. To recover your account, all you need is your email, your storage service (iCloud, google drive, or dropbox), and a selfie scan. (read more here)

  4. When you purchase crypto, trading, and spread fees apply, and the purchase price differs from the spot price of coins. When you make a crypto transfer, network fees apply. More here

  5. On ZenGo, like any crypto wallet, crypto transactions are not reversible. Always verify what you send and who you send it to

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