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How to Set Up Google Wallet or Apple Pay
How to Set Up Google Wallet or Apple Pay
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To subscribe to Zengo Pro, you need Google Wallet set up on your Android device or Apple Pay on your iPhone. Don't worry! If you haven't set up a payment method yet, this article will guide you through the process, making it easy for you to upgrade to Zengo Pro.

Apple Pay Setup:

1. Open Wallet App:

  • On your iPhone, open the Wallet app.

2. Add a Card:

  • Tap the Add Card button.

  • Sign in with your Apple ID if prompted.

  • Add a new card by manually positioning it in the camera frame or entering details.

  • For Apple Card, follow the specific setup instructions.

3. Verify Card:

  • Your card issuer may require additional verification.

For any issues or questions, contact support: Apple Support for Apple Pay (Apple Pay Support ), Google Wallet (Support Google Wallet).

Following these simple steps, you can easily set up Google Wallet and Apple Pay on your devices for secure and convenient transactions.

Set up a Google Wallet

1. Download the Google Wallet App:

  • Get the Google Wallet app from the Play Store.

  • If you have the Google Pay app, it will update to Google Wallet.


  • A valid Google Account.

  • Android 7 or higher.

  • Updated Google Play Services.

2. Setup:

  • Open the Google Wallet app and follow the setup instructions.

  • Add a debit or credit card by scanning or entering details manually.

  • Set up a screen lock if required.

3. Add Cards:

  • Add additional debit or credit cards as needed.

4. Contactless Payments:

  • Use Google Wallet for tap-to-pay transactions.

Tip: Google Wallet does not work on rooted devices or with work profiles.

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