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How to transfer from Metamask to Zengo?
How to transfer from Metamask to Zengo?

You can easily transfer your coins, tokens, and NFTs from Metamask to Zengo on ethereum (mainnet) and Polygon.

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it is important to note that Zengo does not utilize seed phrases.

To proceed, follow the simple steps:

  1. Open your Zengo Wallet and copy your ETH wallet address (Actions, Receive, ETH).

  2. In your Metamask wallet, click "Send"

  3. In the "To" field, paste your Zengo ETH address.

  4. Tap the amount you want to transfer.

  5. Click "Send" to initiate the transfer.

Your assets will then be sent to your Zengo wallet via the blockchain.

For NFTs, we recommend you do this via Opensea or any trusted NFT marketplace.

ps: do not transfer assets on blockchains that are not supported on Zengo.

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