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What happens to my ZenGo wallet if I pass away or my face changes?
What happens to my ZenGo wallet if I pass away or my face changes?
At ZenGo, we understand the importance of ensuring that your digital assets are appropriately managed in any event.
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If you lose your phone and your face becomes unrecognizable (note: natural face changes and aging should not be an issue), ZenGo allows you to be assisted by trusted persons to recover your wallet.

If you (god forbid) pass away and your trusted contacts still have physical access to your phone and your device security code, they can access your ZenGo account. Apple and Google also offer services to transmit your data and accounts in case of emergencies.

In ZenGo, you can easily add a secondary email, a secondary cloud backup, and a secondary trusted contact (face) to ensure that your account is always available for recovery in all cases. You can find these options in the "Account" section of the app. For more information, visit this link here

Unlike traditional wallets that rely on seed phrases and private keys, ZenGo provides a secure way to be assisted in recovery without risking the loss of your funds.

Soon, ZenGo will introduce a new service to safely and quickly transfer your account to a trusted member.

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