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What is a wallet address, and how do I find it?
What is a wallet address, and how do I find it?

A wallet address is what you will need to receive crypto in your wallet

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With a crypto wallet like Zengo, you can send and receive crypto tokens and NFTs. But just like a bank account and IBAN or ACH, you need a reference for that account so you can receive or send anything. That reference is a wallet address.

What a wallet address is, and what does it look like?

A wallet address is a reference that identifies your blockchain account. Sometimes it is also called a public wallet address.

With a wallet address, you can receive crypto associated with that account, and you can know how much crypto is associated with a particular account.

Each blockchain has a different blockchain address, and each blockchain has a different structure of wallet address. There is the equivalent of the email address but for cryptocurrencies.

For example, on Bitcoin a wallet address will look like 


For example, on Ethereum, a wallet address will look like


Sometimes a wallet address is presented as a QR code.

How do I find my wallet address?

On Zengo, simply tap the main menu in the center of the screen, then "Receive," and then choose the blockchain /coin you want to receive, and you will obtain your wallet address which you can use or share to receive crypto.

Always make sure you are using the correct blockchain when making a transaction, or this could result in your losing your coins as crypto transactions are not reversible.

How do I use my wallet address?

The principal usage is to use it to receive funds from another wallet or from yourself in a different service. When you start with Zengo, you can use this wallet address to deposit funds you have from another wallet or exchange.

Is my wallet address always the same?

It depends on the blockchain and setup you are using.

Zengo Pro accounts allow you to activate "Privacy Mode" for Bitcoin and Dogecoin. With Privacy Mode activated, your Bitcoin and Dogecoin wallet addresses change after every transaction - don't worry, you can always use old addresses, too. Privacy Mode generates new addresses to protect your privacy, so no one can trace exactly how much you own and what you do.

Ethereum is different. Your wallet address stays the same over time.

Your Ethereum wallet address is also the same address for all your ERC-20 tokens and belongs to the same account. This is why you will find the same wallet address for those tokens (like stablecoins).

Your ethereum wallet address is also your Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum wallet address. This is just like the physical address of your home, which allows you to receive packages and envelopes, but here instead, you receive at the same "home" different types of coins.

FAQ on Wallet addresses

What happens to my wallet addresses if I delete my Zengo account?

You will lose access to all your old wallet addresses associated with your Zengo account once you delete it, including all funds and future funds coming to it. Even if you create a new Zengo account with the same email, you will no longer have access to those addresses.

What happens if I send a transaction to the wrong wallet address?

Blockchain transactions cannot be reversed or canceled once confirmed. Always make sure to verify the sending or receiving address to avoid issues.

Is it dangerous to share my wallet address with someone?

A public wallet address cannot compromise access to your account, even if provided to a malicious party. However, by revealing your wallet address to the wrong actor, you are exposing your privacy and the funds you own. You are also giving a malicious actor a way to receive and potentially send you spam and even malicious tokens and NFTs. Always make sure you only share your wallet address with legitimate actors.

Can I obtain the list of all the wallet addresses i have ever used?

Yes. Go to Account and then export your transactions. An email will be sent to you with all the references.

Where can I find my private wallet address?

Zengo is an MPC wallet, and unlike traditional wallets, it does not have private keys and, therefore, cannot provide you with one. Learn more about Zengo's superior security architecture here.

Does Zengo support ENS addresses?

An ENS is a short name for Ethereum Name Service, which allows you to replace a long wallet address with a short easy name like "whatever. eth"

You can set your ENS to your Zengo wallet address to use to receive funds. You can also mint or buy an ENS with Zengo.

We do not yet support sending to an ENS directly in Zengo but you can send to an ENS using third-party apps like Opensea or any other defi app.

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