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Storing and Viewing NFTs on Zengo
Storing and Viewing NFTs on Zengo

NFTs are here! Learn how to view, manage and store your NFTs with the most secure wallet in Web3.

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What are NFTs

NFTs are any digital file or unique piece of code you can collect and own, such as an image, a sound file, a movie, 3D art, a piece of text, or a piece of software.

As with any crypto asset, it can be stored, sent, or received by anyone. It’s important to note that storing your NFTs and your other crypto assets in Zengo is more than secure.

How to receive NFTs in Zengo

Once you open your wallet, you have a dedicated section on your home screen for your NFT gallery.

At first, it will be empty, but you can send any Ethereum or Polygon NFT to your Zengo wallet address.

To view your unique NFT wallet address, you can

  • Tap on the "Receive" button in the top right or bottom left in the empty gallery.

  • Alternatively, you can tap "Actions" in the bottom navigation and then Receive to open the receive asset list.

You will then be presented with your unique wallet address. Use that address to receive NFTs from any other Ethereum or Polygon wallet or NFT marketplace.

When your NFT(s) have arrived, you will receive a notification on your phone indicating this is the case.

❗️Important: Do not send NFTs from unsupported chains! We currently only support Ethereum and Polygon.

Where to view your NFTs

Once you receive your NFTs, you will be able to view and enjoy them from your personal gallery.

Your NFTs will be grouped by collection, and every category thumbnail will display how many NFTs you own from that collection. Once you tap on one thumbnail, you will be able to see all the NFTs you own from that collection, as well as the network where each one is stored.

From there, you can view the details of every individual NFT.

History and notifications for NFTs

As with every other transaction in Zengo, you will have your NFT transactions appear in the history tab with a little icon that tells you which network you used to make the transaction.

Tapping on an NFT transaction will display a larger thumbnail that shows which address you received it from or which address you sent it to, as well as the network and the fees paid.

Tapping on the transaction’s status will lead you to the respective blockchain explorer - EtherScan or PolygonScan to view more details if needed.

💡 Tip: You can always verify that your NFTs are indeed in your Zengo wallet by using an independent blockchain explorer like EtherScan (for Ethereum) and PolyScan (for Polygon). Just put your NFT wallet address in the search box, and you will find all your NFTs there under the tab ERC721 and ERC1555.

What NFT formats do we support?

For now, we are supporting JPGs, GIFs, and SVGs. Other formats can be sent to your Zengo wallet and will have a temporary placeholder visual.

Zengo also supports ENS (Ethereum address domains).

ℹ️ Note: Some NFTs might not have their thumbnails displayed. This is due to the NFTs having an uncommon file format. You can expect more supported formats in the future, and if for some reason you receive an NFT of a file type that we don't support, rest assured that NFT is well secured in Zengo, and very soon, you will be able to enjoy that file too.

Frequent questions on NFTs on Zengo

How can I learn more about NFTs?

Please listen to our podcast episode on NFTs or read our NFT guides (part 1, part 2)

I cannot view all the NFTs. Why?

Zengo is filtering spam sent to you without your consent. To view all your NFTs, use a blockchain explorer as indicated above. In the future, we will offer a way to view hidden files.

If your NFTs do not show on Zengo, it may be a temporary matter, as some NFTs take a little time to transfer from one wallet to another. Pull to refresh your screen, and it will show.

Also, some collections may not display immediately on Zengo because the collection is not yet revealed immediately after the minting. You may want to check with the NFT collection creators if this is the case.

Can I transfer my NFT from Zengo to another wallet?

For that, you will need to use another NFT app and link your Zengo wallet to be able to do that. A popular place to transfer your NFTs is OpenSea, as it works both with Ethereum and Polygon NFTs.

Transferring NFTs does not require any payment to Zengo. Note that you may need to cover the blockchain transaction costs paid to miners.

Does Zengo sell NFTs? Can I buy NFTs from Zengo?

No. Zengo is not a service to buy or sell NFTs but merely a wallet to view and manage your NFTs.

To buy or sell NFTs, you need to use 3rd party NFT apps available outside of Zengo. You may link your Zengo account to enable this.

Can I mint NFTs with Zengo?

Yes, you can.

For this, you need to link your Zengo wallet with the minting service outside of Zengo.

What are the NFT standards supported in Zengo?

This is a little technical, but we support all NFTs that are built on ER721 and ERC1555 standards. We also support SBTs (Soul Bound Tokens, that cannot be transferred once received)

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