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How to delete your Zengo account
How to delete your Zengo account
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Before deleting your Zengo account, it is important for you to understand the implications.

By deleting your account, you will permanently lose:

  • Any funds left in the wallet

  • Access to any pending transactions that have not yet been confirmed

  • All of your crypto addresses

  • Any future transactions sent to your crypto addresses

  • All of your account data, including transaction history

There will be no option to regain access to your account after it is deleted, even if you log in to Zengo with the same email address that you used for the deleted account. Deleting your account is irreversible. If later, you decide to create another account with the same email, a brand new account, and address will be provided, and former records will not be accessible.

Please note: the Zengo recovery file will remain locally stored on your device and in your personal cloud service/s but will be unusable once the account is deleted. After you have fully deleted your account, you can, if you want, remove this file manually.

To delete your Zengo account:

  1. Make sure that your Zengo wallet does not hold any funds (balance = 0) and that there are no pending incoming transactions or purchases. If there are currently funds in your wallet, you can send them to another wallet.

  2. In the app, go to the settings tab, and at the bottom, tap "Delete Account" and follow the steps.

  3. Then you may delete the Zengo app from your device.

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