If you’ve ever wondered how you would access your funds if something happened to your face, this feature is for you. 

When would I need an additional face map?

The face mapping technology used in ZenGo should work even as your face changes naturally over time. If you gain or lose weight, start wearing eye glasses, grow out your hair or beard, or just grow older, you should still be able to access and restore your ZenGo wallet. 

But in the unlikely event that your face changes suddenly and drastically (e.g. in an accident), you can use an additional face map to access your funds. We’ve considered this unthinkable scenario and provided a safe and simple solution. 

Whose face should be used for my additional face map?

We recommend adding a close family member or friend — someone who you trust and is easily accessible. 

How do I add an additional face map?

To add an additional face map:

  1. Go to Account > Keyless Backup in the app

  2. Press the “Add Additional Face Map” button

  3. Pass device authentication

  4. Follow the instructions and scan your additional face map

That’s it! Now you can enjoy a little more peace of mind with your crypto 😌

Does this give someone else access to my account or funds?

No. The additional face map can only be used on your device. More specifically, you still need all three factors for your keyless backup — access to your email account, the backup file on your personal cloud service, and a face map. A face map alone cannot grant access to your account or funds.

How would I use the additional face map if needed?

Exactly how you use your primary face map. If you ever delete the ZenGo app or switch devices, you need to restore your wallet. You’ll go through the regular restore process in the app, and when it comes time to scan your face, you can use your own face map, or your additional face map. 

How do I remove an additional face map?

  1. Go to Account > Keyless Backup in the app

  2. Press the “Remove Additional Face Map” button

  3. Confirm removal

  4. Pass device authentication

Done. Your additional face map is now removed. 

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