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What is Zengo Earn?
What is Zengo Earn?

Learn how you can earn interest and rewards on your crypto

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"Zengo Earn" is a service for anyone interested in earning extra money just by holding cryptocurrency. Now in a few taps, you can earn daily interest and rewards. It’s the safest and simplest way to earn passive income in crypto.

Staking Ethereum (ETH)

What is Ethereum Staking?

ETH staking involves locking up your ETH tokens to support the Ethereum network's operations, such as transaction processing and network security, and earning rewards in the form of additional ETH.

How to Stake ETH in Zengo Wallet:

  1. The minimum amount to stake on Zengo is 0.1 ETH.

  2. Tap on the orange “Action” button in the bottom-center of your main Zengo wallet screen, then on “Earn”.

  3. Tap on the ETH token.

  4. Choose the amount you want to stake.

  5. Confirm the transaction (note the transaction requires paying fees to the Ethereum network).

ETH Rewards:

  • Your staked ETH will earn rewards on a daily basis, automatically reinvested to enhance the compounding growth of your staked ETH over time.

  • You can view your ETH staking rewards in your Zengo wallet under your Ethereum balance.

Staking Tezos

How does Zengo Staking work?

Staking lets crypto holders earn extra income by contributing to the network security of a proof-of-stake (PoS) asset. By contributing (delegating) the voting rights associated with your asset to a validator node, you increase the chances of the validator to validate transaction blocks and, in return, earn rewards. They then share a portion of those rewards with their delegators. Currently, Zengo offers staking with Tezos (XTZ), but we plan to add more staking assets in the future. For more information on this topic, see the article on Tezos staking.

How do I activate Tezos staking?

Staking assets, namely Tezos for now, have an “Activate” button instead of a deposit button because you can’t choose a portion of your assets to stake — it’s all or nothing. You simply need to activate your savings once per asset and your wallet remains activated forever. There’s no downside to this since the funds never leave your Zengo wallet and are always accessible and liquid. If you send them out of your Zengo wallet, you’ll simply stop earning the rewards on that amount.

Note that the Tezos APY depends on which validator you choose.

Where can I see my earned interest?

Staking deposits (e.g. for Tezos), however, will appear in the "Wallet" section above because those funds are always liquid and never leave your wallet.

Note, that for staking, there's an initial waiting period of approximately 33 days before receiving your first reward payment. After that, you should receive a reward payment from the validator approximately every 3 days which gets deposited directly into your wallet.

Are my funds liquid?

Funds that are delegated to staking are never sent out of your wallet. You only delegate your voting rights to the asset, not the asset itself. So you don’t need to do any special withdrawal action to be able to send them out of your Zengo wallet.

Are there any fees associated with Savings?

The only fees you need to pay are network fees (not paid to Zengo but to the blockchain networks) to complete your deposit and withdraw transactions or to activate staking.

Which assets are supported in Zengo?

For staking, we currently support XTZ only (Tezos).

Note that you can also connect your wallet to decentralized apps like Lido or StakeWise to stake ETH and Polygon, as well as earn interest with other DeFi applications. Learn more here.

Who holds my assets?

For staking, your assets are held in your Zengo wallet.

Is there a minimum or maximum deposit amount?

For Tezos the minimum amount to activate staking is 1 XTZ.

Is there a fixed loan term?

No, there’s no fixed amount of time that you must keep your crypto in Savings. You can deposit and withdraw anytime.

Are there risks involved?

Staking: Since you don't need to part with your assets in order to delegate them, your funds always remain in the safety of your Zengo wallet. This means that validators do not have access to your funds, and you earn the rewards with no counterparty risk.

If you have any further questions, contact us anytime at or through our live support inside the app.

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