You can now send, receive, and store Libra testnet tokens in ZenGo. Libra testnet funds don't hold any real value. It is just for testing purposes.

Enabling Libra testnet

Libra testnet is turned off by default in the app. To enable it, simply go to the Account screen and turn on Libra testnet. You’ll need to have your wallet backed up in order to receive Libra testnet, just like any other asset in ZenGo. 

Once you’ve enabled Libra testnet and backed up your wallet, we will send you your first Libra testnet so you can experience it yourself. 

Once Libra testnet is enabled, you can send and receive it just like any other asset in ZenGo.

Disabling Libra testnet

If you want to hide Libra testnet from your wallet, simply go to the Account screen and turn it off from there.

Network resets

From time to time the Libra testnet is reset for maintenance and upgrades. When this happens, all the data on the network also gets reset along with all transaction history and balances. We monitor the status of the network, so when this happens we’ll send you some more Libra testnet tokens.

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