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Is Zengo safer than a hardware wallet?
Is Zengo safer than a hardware wallet?
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Hardware wallets have air-gapped protection that isolates the private key from the internet. But the security of your funds depends on you to safely safeguard a seed phrase (a set of 12 or 24 words) in case your hardware is lost or corrupted.

Your crypto is gone if you lose that seed phrase or someone steals it. With Zengo, there is no private key or seed phrase to protect or remember, thanks to the MPC cryptography used. And because your account is protected with liveness biometrics, unlike password-based wallets, it is not possible for an attacker to access your funds without your face.

Finally, Zengo offers additional security for your transactions with web3 apps thanks to the built-in ClearSign firewall that allows you to safely make transactions with applications on the blockchain and which is not available in most hardware wallets.

We suggest you read our security page and our account safety section for more details

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