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What happens if I lose my mobile device or my device is compromised?
What happens if I lose my mobile device or my device is compromised?
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Whether your device is lost or stolen, your Zengo account can be safely recovered even if you lose or change your phone.

How to restore your Zengo account to a new phone

All you need is to

  1. download Zengo on your new phone

  2. log in with the same email* you used to create your Zengo account

  3. Access to your recovery kit on your cloud service (iCloud, google drive, or Dropbox)

  4. pass the selfie scan to verify it's you.

here is a quick video guide

Note that you can also recover your account with the secondary email, secondary cloud service, and the trusted selfie you chose to add.

*The email is cap sensitive, and it must be used in the original way it was written when you created the account

What to do if someone had physical access to my phone?

Your phone is protected by your device security protection (Face ID, Touch ID, or security pattern). This also protects access to your Zengo account and any critical actions ( like sending crypto transactions)

If you fear your phone was physically accessed and that your phone security was bypassed without your consent, you should immediately update your device security PIN (in the device settings). For additional peace of mind, you can transfer your crypto funds to a new account.

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