If the ZenGo app gets deleted from your device or you switch devices, you can simply recover your account in a new phone or tablet.

You can only do this if you previously created a Recovery Kit for your account. (never remove it or delete it).

Simply download the app on the new device you wish to use and enter your email to get started (the same email you used to create your account). Just follow the steps, and your account will be recovered. 

Please note that you’ll need to be signed in on your new device to the same iCloud Drive or Google Drive account that you initially used to sign up with ZenGo. You can use multiple cloud services for the same account (Google drive, iCloud or Dropbox) in case you lose access to one of them.

Note that iCloud and Google drive can take several hours to restore all your data on a new phone (your pictures, apps, files....). This may impact the time it takes to recover your account, as the recovery kit needs to be restored too.

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