Backing up your ZenGo wallet is simple and secure.

After you’ve created an account, you can create a backup so that you can restore your wallet on any iOS device if the ZenGo app gets deleted or you switch devices. 

After initiating the backup process, the first step is to create a face map with your camera. We don’t store an actual photo of you. Instead we create a mathematical representation of your face which ensures that only you can access your funds

You'll also keep a backup file in your personal iCloud Drive which is required for restoring your account. If you ever need to restore your account, we'll retrieve this file for you as long as you're signed in to same iCloud Drive where your backup file was stored.

Since ZenGo is a keyless wallet, there’s no need to write down and keep a backup seed (mnemonic) phrase. 

To learn more about our security model check out this article.

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