We’re different in two main ways:

1. Better security 

The “be your own bank” model is promising in theory, but for most people bank-grade security is harder to implement than it sounds, which leads to human error and loss of funds. On the other hand, leaving your funds in a custodial wallet is also risky. An estimated $2.7M is stolen from custodial wallets by hackers every day. 

Using advanced cryptography, we’ve removed the single point of failure that exists with custodial wallets that store private keys on their servers, and self-custodial wallets that store private keys on your personal phone or computer. 

With ZenGo, there are no private keys to lose. We are a truly keyless wallet. 

2. Ease of use 

We deeply understand the problems with using crypto wallets today -- namely that they are clunky and confusing. So we’ve put a lot of thought and work into building the easiest and most enjoyable wallet for our customers. This is one of our core principles and will always be a top priority for us (right after security). 

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